Friday, September 16, 2011

Long Time...

Since I've posted! I have decided to try and be better about blogging:) So much has gone on and happened since I last 7 months worth...Wow! I have still been reading, it just seems harder and harder to "sit" and write. School is in FULL swing, and Hannah is busy with lots of activities :) Please pray for Hannah as we are having some "medical" issues...God knows the details and I have to give up(worry) and give it to him!
On another note I'm so glad it's Friday! Thanks for praying! To be continued.....

~ Blessings to you~

Saturday, March 26, 2011

~American Girl~

Ok, blogger isn't being very cooperative tonight and I am too tired to keep messing with therefore YOU get pictures before the post...sorry! Enjoy anyway :)

Hannah and her American Girl doll

Cute picture display
At the American Girl Bistro

The ULTIMATE Bistro Burger...YUMMO!!
Hannah and her doll

We found the Sports Girls Display...right away,

to make our first choice of clothing...the baseball outfit!!!!
The girls and their LOOT!!
Ice Skating Fun

WOW! What a great day! We headed to Dallas to the Galleria for Hannah's best friend Maci's birthday day. We were joined by Maci (of course) and her mom Kari, Kasey (a sweet friend from Maci's school) and her mom Kristi. We had a great ride up there listening to the girls sing and talk while of course we "older" girls had our own conversation and laughs. Our first stop was the American Girl doll store...WOW, WHAT A STORE! We have never been until today and I was overwhelmed. The store was huge, hundreds of dolls to choose from, hundreds of outfits to choose from, hundreds of accessories to choose from and hundreds of people!! It was sheer craziness, but well worth it! Hannah was so careful to choose just the right doll and outfits. After we chose our doll and checked out (OUCH!!)then headed upstairs to the American Girl Bistro...WOW, WHAT A BISTRO! lots of pink, lots of flowers, and lots of girls and their dolls. The dolls get their very own high chairs and tea cup! The food was scrumptious and the girls had the time of their life! Its all about the doll and girls here! The doll even gets a "goodie bag" from the party!! Our next stop was the Ice-Skating rink inside the much fun! I opted not to take the camera ice skating :) but I did get a few pics before! So after our long and super fun day I'm not sure which body part will be more sore in the face from smiling, my belly from laughing, or my feet and legs from skating!! Thank you Lord for a fun day with with friends!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Introducing the newest member of the Hanes family....Thumper the bunny!!
A quick recap of how Thumper came along.... Wednesday night Hannah and I went out to the livestock show to hang out with my brother and my niece and nephew. Hannah was running around with Kacey and Kyle when she came running to me...

"MOM, can I have a rabbit?"

"No, Hannah we are not getting a rabbit."

"Oh please"...insert begging child here...

"No, Hannah we are not getting a rabbit."

"Fine, I will ask my uncle Brad" (Bred as she says)

Uncle Brads' response..."Sure baby girl, whatever you want!"

Insert one happy child (Hannah) here :) I lost the battle...I'm pretty good at giving in on some things, and Kevin really got serious about the bunny and immediatly built this fine rabbit one evening.

Thank you honey!! God has given you a remarkable talent. we are with a bunny!! This should be fun :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wrapping up SpRiNg BrEaK...

Well, I must say that this week has flown by!! Even though we started the week off doing much of nothing we finished it off keeping busy. Thursday night we took the kids skating at Super Skate in Seagoville...WHEW, that was a busy place. Too many wheels for me!

Friday we headed to Tyler for the zoo and Build-a-Bear...of course my camera can't decide if it wants to work or not so my pictures are limited...:( It was an absolute BEAUTIFUL day and we enjoyed every second of it!
Today, my hubby and I worked in the yard. I worked on my 'first time' garden and he mowed after he finally got me going with the tiller...that was quiet funny,I hope no one had a hidden camera...but if they did this blog serves as a disclaimer that I want a portion of the winnings from America's Funniest Home Videos!!

We finished the day by having breakfast for dinner and then watching the awesome moon rise...What an incredible handy-work of God! Hannah told us that God wadded up a bunch of stars to make the moon!! I love her sweet thoughts :) Lord, please keep her humble and innocent.

Thank you Lord for a beautiful week of rest, laughter, quiet and time with sweet friends and family.
~Love and Blessings to you~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Sale...

****John Deere Mobile Pressure Washer****
~3000 psi
~65 gallon tank
~10-15 hours of usage time
~Comes mounted on a 2009 Carry-On JD green trailer with a ramp
Also comes with:
* 150 foot of extra hose (both hoses on hose reels, mounted to the trailer)
* 1 wand
* Extra set of tips
* Extra tool box mounted to the side of the trailer

Asking $2000 (neg) TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

~ To God be the Glory~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break...

Monday day 1: UNPRODUCTIVE
Tuesday day 2: UNPRODUCTIVE

It seems that I have a BAD case of the I DON'T WANT TO's......

Wednesday day 3: Hannah, mom and I went over to Tyler for a day of shopping! Thank you mom! I had a great day, I always enjoy talking, laughing and "people watching" with you :)

Thursday Day 4: Not feeling like too much will go cleaning, laundry...the usual. I really have a long to do list, but.... I DON'T WANNA!!!

Friday Day 5: Much of the same listed above in days 1,2,and 4, I will let you know if anything changes :)

I have to laugh at my unproductive LAZY week because any who knows me well...knows that I NEVER slow down! I am usually going from can to can't...not so much this week! It has certainly been a "break" from my usual...hmmmm, I'm beginning to think I might be enjoying "slowing down."

I have had a "heavy heart" about alot of things lately and I am REALLY trying to hear the voice of God and maybe this week will be exactly what I need in order to that very thing.

Dear God,
I am asking you to reveal yourself to me in ways that you have never, and in ways that I have never experienced before. Please move mountains in my heart that are keeping me from seeing your glory. I am asking you God to enter the realms of my home and do miracles in my life and in the life of my sweet family that you have so graciously blessed me with, through salvation, finances and hardned hearts. God, you already know the "needs" and have already met me there, Thank you Jesus. Amen!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just me and my girl....

Beautiful Day...check Feeling Good... check House Clean/Laundry Done. CHECK!

So OUTSIDE we went...A little trampoline jumping!!

A SERIOUS disscussion with Buddy before our four-wheeler ride!

And then we decided to go to the park...this ended up being the most fun...spinning on the merry-go-round as fast as I could push it trying to pick up the water bottle that kept flying off!!! We laughed so hard :)

Another SERIOUS moment of concentration...

I love to swing :)

Getting tired...but determined to get to the top!!

2 hours later...On our way to Braums for ICE-CREAM!!

Thank you Lord for my beautiful daughter and the fun times that we share!!