Saturday, March 26, 2011

~American Girl~

Ok, blogger isn't being very cooperative tonight and I am too tired to keep messing with therefore YOU get pictures before the post...sorry! Enjoy anyway :)

Hannah and her American Girl doll

Cute picture display
At the American Girl Bistro

The ULTIMATE Bistro Burger...YUMMO!!
Hannah and her doll

We found the Sports Girls Display...right away,

to make our first choice of clothing...the baseball outfit!!!!
The girls and their LOOT!!
Ice Skating Fun

WOW! What a great day! We headed to Dallas to the Galleria for Hannah's best friend Maci's birthday day. We were joined by Maci (of course) and her mom Kari, Kasey (a sweet friend from Maci's school) and her mom Kristi. We had a great ride up there listening to the girls sing and talk while of course we "older" girls had our own conversation and laughs. Our first stop was the American Girl doll store...WOW, WHAT A STORE! We have never been until today and I was overwhelmed. The store was huge, hundreds of dolls to choose from, hundreds of outfits to choose from, hundreds of accessories to choose from and hundreds of people!! It was sheer craziness, but well worth it! Hannah was so careful to choose just the right doll and outfits. After we chose our doll and checked out (OUCH!!)then headed upstairs to the American Girl Bistro...WOW, WHAT A BISTRO! lots of pink, lots of flowers, and lots of girls and their dolls. The dolls get their very own high chairs and tea cup! The food was scrumptious and the girls had the time of their life! Its all about the doll and girls here! The doll even gets a "goodie bag" from the party!! Our next stop was the Ice-Skating rink inside the much fun! I opted not to take the camera ice skating :) but I did get a few pics before! So after our long and super fun day I'm not sure which body part will be more sore in the face from smiling, my belly from laughing, or my feet and legs from skating!! Thank you Lord for a fun day with with friends!


  1. I love this! so cute! you know I want paper pics! Hannah, and american doll~ you two are my princesses! Love Nana

  2. Beautiful photos and my princesses love you....
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