Friday, March 25, 2011


Introducing the newest member of the Hanes family....Thumper the bunny!!
A quick recap of how Thumper came along.... Wednesday night Hannah and I went out to the livestock show to hang out with my brother and my niece and nephew. Hannah was running around with Kacey and Kyle when she came running to me...

"MOM, can I have a rabbit?"

"No, Hannah we are not getting a rabbit."

"Oh please"...insert begging child here...

"No, Hannah we are not getting a rabbit."

"Fine, I will ask my uncle Brad" (Bred as she says)

Uncle Brads' response..."Sure baby girl, whatever you want!"

Insert one happy child (Hannah) here :) I lost the battle...I'm pretty good at giving in on some things, and Kevin really got serious about the bunny and immediatly built this fine rabbit one evening.

Thank you honey!! God has given you a remarkable talent. we are with a bunny!! This should be fun :)


  1. Whoa! Thumper what a Home you have! Good Job! Kev! Looks like the good life for that Bunny! Welcome to Hannah's home~ Thumper!

  2. aww...I had a bunny growing up...he was so sweet! I agree your hubby does have a great talent!