Monday, January 17, 2011

My crafty hubs is...

at it again!! I wish I were a crafty person :) Anyhow, Every since I have been a school teacher (5yrs) I have wanted one of these...

a paper holder...

It seems like a good idea, would be so easy for each student to have their "own" place to turn in papers, easier for grading and returning purposes and ORGINIZATION which I am very adiment about ...however I could never really talk myself into purchasing a "fancy cardboard" item at such a I brought home the magazine that it is in and talked to my husband about it and he said "Well, I could just make you one." AH, who would have thought ?!?!?!?! He loves to build and paint things and just like his dad, God has blessed him with the ability to so!
So recovering from the flu, being home all week he became quiet became board and fired up a plan.... Step 1...Step 2...Step 3 and PRESTO!!

A solid wood, paper holder! A better quality (and cheaper) product by FAR than what the magazine had to offer! Isn't it beautiful?!?! What a sweet hubs I have!! I can't wait to put it to use in the classroom...It is quiet heavy so it will be interesting to see me getting it in tomorrow :) Thank you honey!!




  1. What a talent he has! I am sure you will put it to good use in your classroom! I hope everyone is feeling better! We missed you at girl's night.

  2. Good Job! kevin! Brandi you need to put pics of those beautiful crosses he makes!