Thursday, January 13, 2011


This is what I've looked at every hour on the hour for 48 hours!! I'm pretty sure if themometers could talk...all three of mine would be SCREAMING "NOT AGAIN!" I have only had the flu once and I DO NOT want to shuffle those cards again, but this week it's been worse than when I had it myself, because as mothers (well women in general) we tend to hurt when others hurt, especially those close to us.
I have taken the past few days off work to be home and take care of my sweet family. Kevin and Hannah have been miserable...both of them up a little bit when the fever is down (rarely), but when the fever is up they are DOWN. It is so sad (rewarding as a mommy) to hear Hannah say "Mommy come here and lay with me, I just feel so bad." I want it to be me instead of her. Kevin has just walked around aimlessly back and forth from the living room to the bedroom trying to get comfortable.
I know that "sickness" is just a part of life, but I don't like it!!! I certainly despise it even worse when it's my family.
The flu bug has visited my ENTIRE family in the last 2 weeks, both of my brothers and their families have been bitten! It is NO FUN!!!
My sweet friend Jenna text me today to let me know that tomorrow night some girls from our church will be getting together for a "Girls Night Out!" Oh, that sounds SPLENDID!! I pray that I will get to make it, but my family comes we will see :) I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the ability to take care of my family!! I am so blessed!!

Love and Blessings~


  1. aWW, praying that everyone gets better and you can get so time with your friends too!
    i can't stand it when the kids are sick. Especially the little ones, they think Mommy can fix everything. Sometimes we can't.

  2. Hi! Brand, you are doing a great job! I kinda bailed out on all of you this time! I am so runnnnnnning! from that bug! Just do not want it!! glad you understand!! love and Prayers for Healing!! for all of you!