Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My outdoors girl...

Well today has been a very productive day for Hannah!! (Just look at those feet) She has been very busy outside all day, only coming inside to get a drink and then back out the door !! Here is one of her accomplished projects... with the help of two good friends, of course :) Kacey and Presley
"The Clubhouse"
This is where they started... a shady spot in our backyard, the clean slate!!

We have a "trash can" and a bird house... what great imaginations!! I love it!

We have a shelf (thank you daddy) and an old video camera...survellience Hannah said...OH MY!!
We have a door (soccer goals) which by the way now it has bricks around it and flowers planted by the "door" is adorable!!

And now.......

TAAAAAA DAAAAAA.....the canopy for shade, complete with a bench, two lawn chairs, a small table, and a shower seat and yes...a hammock!!

This has been a really fun day, swimming, bike riding, sidewalk chalk, making kool-aid and of course"The Clubhouse"!! I love playing with my baby girl!!!

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  1. Oh!My! I can see all of this now! and just imagin all the girl talk going on in the midst of this set-up! I just love how the creativity comes up in the minds of children! Good Job! Hannah for creating "your" space, for you and your friends! Love your House!