Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well... she did it AGAIN!!!

This is Ranger, Hannah's dog. She is sweet, loving, and adorable, yet she is very smart and SNEAKY!!! Ranger spends most of the time indoors, but if we go somewhere and at night she stays in the dog pen with our outside dog Buddy. However, Ranger apparently was not real excited with this decision...
Let me take you back about a month ago...

We were given a large dog pen by a friend of my brothers, so after going to pick it up, we brought it home, placed between a large shade tree and the privacy fence. My husband and I dug a trench to set the cage in, lined it with bricks inside and out, put in the dog house and put food and water inside. This was perfect...for a day or two! My husband was out mowing the yard one afternoon and in a few minuets, Ranger joined him...hhmmmm, how did she get out? We looked and looked no holes dug, the gate was locked, we had no idea! We put her back in and repeated this same thing several times, only to watch her secretly from afar, she was literally scaling the side of the pen and climbing over the top!!! WOW!!!

So....Kevin boarded the top along the sides and decided to put a tin roof on top...well we are still in the process of that, yet Ranger was still up to her escape, we just had NO idea how she was getting out.... when yesterday, it all became clear..... Kevin (my hubs) comes running in from outside yelling "Ranger is stuck in the cage!"Hurry, come help!" so Hannah and I ran outside with him to find this...
YES, believe it...hudini dog!! We had to CUT the fence to get her out!!!
I have no idea how she plots her get aways!!! I have never seen anything like it!!!

Yes, she took a nap on the end table the other day?!?!?!?!
We love you Ranger!

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  1. Oh! Ranger if you only knew and could understand, how you became a part of our "dog family", you would be very grateful to the ones that Love you! and would behave!! If you only knew?!:).