Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Boy am I glad to be home!! It is just no fun staying in the hospital!! I think that being home has already made me feel better :) and I know that Hannah and Kevin are happy! I still have a ways to go on the recovery, I will go into detail later...but for now...I am HOME SWEET HOME!! Thank you for all your prayers, please continue to lift me up in healing prayers as I do pray for you daily! Love and Blessings~



  1. Yes! Lord~ Yes! You are going to feel better and better! On your way~ Girl! Eat light, rest, and then we can tackle Gastro Doc next week!! keep trusting! Love Mom

  2. Whoa my computer is dead for a few days and this is hat I miss! That must have been scary! Glad you are home, sending prayers for a full recovery.
    And I love the paper holder your hubs made for you. when i saw the post all I saw was the first line, I had no idea what he had done. Very nice!!