Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Blinging in the Holidays"

I just have to share with you a very special lady in my life, let me give you just a FEW words that describe her...
Classy, Beautiful, Sincere, Compassionate, Unique, Creative, and Virtuous, although I could go on and on those are the ones that come to mind right now. This lady is my mother...

many of you follow her at her blog (Nana's Nuggets) if you haven't been there I encourage you to go, it is a very uplifting and encouraging spot!! I am THANKFUL today that God chose her to be my mother, she has given me the "ultimate gift", the knowledge of Christ. Which brings me to share with you"Blinging in the Holidays."

A few weeks ago, our church held their annual Christmas Table Tour...from the moment they announced it, my mom's wheels started turning...she was going to do a table, and the title was "The Ultimate Gift" :) we went to Hobby Lobby and a few other places to get the "just right" decor, my mom is very creative and talented in the decor department...she likes it simple yet elegant. We went with silver, white and light teal...she used my grandmother's china (silver and white) BEAUTIFUL!!!

A few weeks went by and mom began to get a little cough,a low fever and both esculated into full blown sickness...:( but, the table tour was still on even though she felt so rotten she didn't even get to attend and enjoy the most beautiful table there...HERS... so at her request my SIL and I did the honors of hosting her table, and let me tell you, it stole the show of 30 plus!! I heard the words, elegant, classy, stunning etc...etc... ALL EVENING!!! I kept mom updated with quick phone calls and lots of pictures, which you can see at her blog :)

On Tuesday, I opened our local newspaper to find this...

a magazine titled...Christmas is in the Air...and guess whos table was FRONT COVER...MY MOMS :) I LOVE IT! I'm so proud for you mom...YOU DESERVE THE HONORS of "BLINGING IN THE HOLIDAYS" I love you and I am very THANKFUL to call you Mom!



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  1. Thank You Sweetie, what a "Honor" that these words have been this morning! I don't know what to say but I am so thankful that God chose me to be your "Mother". And of course this made me tear up! Loved the words of Praise, but always Praise Him first! As You always do! I so Love you and thanks for always pushing me on!!