Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Simple Conversation

Last night Hannah and I were having some quiet time, just sitting on the couch together watching TV (Animal Planet) and the conversation came up about dogs and the many different types, we went through why some dogs are big, small, med....etc, and dogs that have different jobs...anyhow the conversation went on something like this....

Hannah: "Mom what kind of dog is Buddy?" (our outside dog)

Mom: "He's a beagle mix, just a yard dog."

***Boy, did I open a can of worms by saying "beagle-mix"

Hannah: "What kind of dog is Red?" (our neighbors dog)

Mom: "Red is a boxer mix, just a yard dog."

*** I think we went on with every dog we knew... then being silly I asked

Mom: "So Hannah what are you?"

Hannah: " Well mom...I'm half of you and half of God' s creation."

At this point my heart melted...
I love it when the simplicity of a child's heart reflects all that we parents are teaching daily.
Thank you God, for allowing me the privelege of teaching my daughter about you.

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  1. Oh! yeah lovin this little talk!! See they listen to everthing we say! Gotta be careful! Just loved this knowing and thinking that my "baby~girl feels in her sweet heart! Thank you Jesus for Hannah, that keeps us on our toes:)! Nana