Monday, June 14, 2010


As I reflect the days events, I realize just how God' s favor is really upon my life. I find my self whining and complaining about everything that is "wrong" or "things" that I don't have, but I fail to Praise and Thank him for what I do have and just how blessed I really am. Here are just a few...I could never list them all!
** I OFTEN have a multitude of children at my house, the neighborhood kids, my neice and nephew and their friends...and I love it, but more than that I love the fact that they WANT to be here, which only tells me that they feel safe and loved.
**I have a beautiful home, a nice vehicle, a wonderful family (immediate and extended), I visit with my mom several times a day, I have a host of close friends, and most of all I have Christ in my heart!
** I have an awesome job, I am a second grade school teacher, I get to love on children all day and teach them things that will impact their lives...I GET THE SUMMER OFF :) to spend with my precious daughter Hannah!
Count your them one by list could go on forever....
What about you? What are your days reflections?
I love my life...Thank you Jesus for showing your favor on my family and I.


  1. So excited to see you have joined the blogger world!!

  2. Good Post! and what an awesome "Attitude of Gratitude! and the Bible Study that I attended on Monday really reflected on just how "Annointed" we really are in God's Favor!! What a Promise if we just stay focased on these thoughts! Love Ya! Mom